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Our vision is to give people the opportunity to workout in an environment where everyone can work together for a common goal.  Using  methods backed by science & protocols to enhance performance in life and give the student the outcome they have been searching for. We’re a dedicated group of highly trained coaches that are focused and passionate about providing a service and success to the student. Using backed by science methods & protocols to enhance performance in life and give the student the outcome they have been searching for.

Training Programs

Personal Training

One on one training program tailored to your individual needs and goals. Analysis and correction of your weak points while focusing  on improving them to enhance overall performance. 

Month to month


12 month commitment


Group training

Semi Personal training in a group environment  with like minded goal oriented individuals.  Thrive during this intense trainer driven workout and compete with the people around you. 

Month to month

2-4 people per group

12 month commitment

2-4 people per group

Youth sports

Our youth sports program is an introduction to proper movement mechanics and improve general fitness level that leads to better performance in competition. Our program is designed to give your athlete the prerequisites to handle being under load in the weight room with proper guidance and instruction!

$140 monthly

7-10 Years Old

$180 monthly

11-13 Years Old

$180 monthly

14-18 Years Old

package programs

$147 monthly

Basic Program: 4 weeks

$1,200 monthly

Elite Program: 12-Month commitment

$1,560 monthly

Premium Program: 12- Month Commitment

Meet the team

Phil Daru Profile3 (1)

phil daru

Founder and owner
Strength and Conditioning Coach
woman Profile 1

Katie Hohmann

Massage Therapist
Dez Profile3

Desmond moore

Wrestling Coach and Director Of Athletic Performance​
Jose Profile2

Jose Rojas

Trainer / diet coach
Profile Ann2

Anne MArie Saccurato

Strength and Conditioning Coach
Edgar Profile2

edgar cardenas

Strength and Conditioning Coach
Kid Profile2

evy reynolds

Strength and Conditioning Coach
Eric Profile2

eric peña

diet coach

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